Blown By a Beautiful Blonde Geek

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Blown By a Beautiful Blonde Geek

Have you ever been blown by a geek? I have; and it was great!

I first met Sarah, my blonde geek goddess, when I was bringing my computer in for repair at the big electronics chain outlet where I bought it. The store is so large it has its very own, on-site computer service department, which is called the "Geek Centre", right in the middle of the store. I walked up to the desk, which was a huge, U-shaped desk behind which there were about 6 young guys and three young girls, all seemingly in their twenties, serving customers or working on computers. I spoke to one of the guys to tell him my problem, and he told me it probably would take about half an hour for him to check out my computer. I could leave and he"d call me, or I could wait. I decided to wait.

As I waited, my eyes scanned all the "geeks" working behind the counter. They all wore the same uniform" a blue sweater with the company logo on it, and camel-coloured pants. And they all pretty much looked like geeks. But one of the girls caught my eye. She made her uniform look pretty damn good, actually, her sweater and pants both tight enough to show off a very nice pair of moderate size breasts and a VERY . She wasn't overly thin" but not at all overweight. She looked great! Her glasses definitely were geeky" small, dark rimmed and almost rectangular" but she had hair (probably dyed, since her roots were brown) tied back in a pony-tail that extended half way down her back, and a very face. I got a really close look at her face by pretending to go over to grab a weekly store catalogue from the desk right in front of where she was standing at one point. It was then that I saw her nametag, which read "Sarah".

Besides being uncommonly for a geeky girl, Sarah also differed from everyone else in that she seemed like more of a "gopher" than anything else. While the 6 guys and 2 other girls largely were with customers or working to fix computers, she was running around collecting garbage and bringing things to people when requested. That's when I really started to fall in love with her ass. As I said, her pants were camel-coloured, with a low waist, and big loops through which she had a broad, dark brown belt. The seat of her pants was tight, but became even more so every time she bent over to pick up a bag of paper trash from the various plastic receptacles and then tie the end. Man! Her ass was ! I couldn't keep my eyes off of it. Then, when she actually got down on both knees to look through a box under the desk opposite where I was standing, my cock got rigid. All I could picture in my head was her on her knees giving some lucky guy a blowjob. Little did I know that, soon, she"d be doing just that!

In fact, she was still on her knees when one of the male geeks came over and tapped her on the shoulder,

"I'm going on my break now," he told her, quietly.

She smiled and nodded; but said nothing. I watched as he disappeared through a big swinging door just beyond where I was standing. Meanwhile, she continued what she was doing for a minute, stood up to bring whatever she"d collected to someone else, ran another quick errand" and then she too passed by me to leave the main floor of the store through that swinging door at the back. Since the door had a small window (without glass) at about eye height, I thought I"d just go over and take a peek to see where she might have gone off to.

I walked over there slowly, pretending to look at a shelf of CDs, so as not to attract attention to what I was doing. Finally, I was close enough to the door to peek through.

My jaw immediately dropped.

Just inside the door, not ten feet from it in fact, were Sarah and the guy who she"d followed. He was standing, leaning against the wall. She, on the other hand, was on her knees again, right in front of him, her long blonde ponytail swaying with every to-and-fro bob of her head.

Just like in the picture I"d had in my head, she was giving this guy a blowjob! They were positioned so that I could see Sarah's left side and his right. His cock was rigid and straight, and she alternated her mouth from having her lips wrapped around his shaft, to being wide open so she could work his shaft with her throat. Her hands rested quietly on his knees. When she used her lips, her rhythm was a bit slower, and she tended to tilt her head from one side to the other, as if to let her tongue work different parts of the underside of the shaft. When she used her throat, she thrust forward, harder, deeper and faster, her eyes wide open as she stared straight ahead. At times, it seemed like would be blocked from going further, but then she"d push harder and break through, as if the bulb of his penis was popping past her tonsils into her throat. At those times, she"d sometimes hold him there and wiggle her head quickly, as if forcing him even further down her throat. And then, after a few moments, she"d pull back, sometimes getting 'stuck" for a second as his bulb popped back out past her tonsils. She gagged from time to time, but not so much that she pulled back or changed what she was doing. Her concentration on the job in front of her was unwavering. It was as if she was on the computer, solving some programming problem; but instead, she was on her knees, solving a throat-ramming problem.

Her glasses were up on her head; her eyes open as they scanned her surroundings. Her guy just was watching her. Neither of them seemed xnxxv sunny leone video to see me. So I pulled out my very elite cell phone and used the advanced camera function to take 8-10 pictures. In one, Sarah seemed to be looking straight at the little window, but perhaps because her glasses were on top of her head, she didn't seem to see me. Nonetheless, I quickly put my cell phone camera away. And just in time too, because the next instant, I was passed by another guy going back through that door into the storage area. As he disappeared through the door, I peeked again. He walked right past Sarah and her blow-boy as if they weren't even there. I couldn't believe it.

A minute later, he walked past them again on his way back out through the swinging door, and I again pretended to be looking at CDs. I mustered up the courage to peek once more, just in time to see the guy holding Sarah's head in both hands as his entire body jerked" and I figured that Sarah was getting a mouthful and/or throat full of semen and sperm. I then wondered if maybe he"d had a condom on. But when he finally stopped jerking and Sarah slid off, there was no condom. Sarah swallowed twice and then smiled. And then she took him back into her mouth to suck out the last few drops and spit shine him clean, before sliding off and swallowing one last time. I watched her helping do up his zipper and him reaching a hand down to help her up; and just pulled back from the window as she stood straight and turned towards the door. I quickly retreated to the CD shelf, and glanced over to see the boy and girl emerging through the door and returning to behind the desk.

As I watched Sarah after that, I had a whole new level of respect for this geeky with the even geekier glasses.

Shortly after this, the guy who"d been checking out my computer explained to me what was wrong and that it would take him "an hour or so" to fix it. He offered again just to call me when it was done, and seemed surprised when I told him "No" I don't mind just hanging around."

He nodded and returned to his work. Meanwhile, my eyes sought out Sarah again.

I figured, of course, that the guy Sarah had blown must be her boyfriend" but that wouldn't really explain why they"d done the act right out in the open, or why this other guy had walked by them twice, without expressing any reaction at all. But still, my ears really perked up when I heard yet another guy come up to Sarah when she was standing doing some paperwork at a desk and tell her that he was going on a break.

What the"?

Sure enough, he disappeared through that same door, followed by Sarah a minute or so later. And, sure enough, when I eased my way over there and peeked through that same small window in the door again, once again Sarah was on her knees giving a blowjob, this time to a guy whose nametag read "Ahmal", and who looked like he probably had middle-eastern roots. Again I pulled out my cell phone, this time carefully taking about 25-30 pictures before putting it away. I used the "zoom" feature to capture a few of Sarah's face right up close, including some with her looking my way again. Like the first guy, Ahmal too shot his load into Sarah's mouth to be swallowed.

I ended up waiting for my computer for 2 " hours, during which time Sarah disappeared through that same door 8 more times to blow 9 more guys (once blowing two at a time), and I collected hundreds of wonderful pictures of her. As luck would have it, my computer was returned to me just about a half hour before Sarah was to go off duty, something I realized when I heard her asking one of the guys if he would give her a drive when they both were done. He said "Yes"; so I waited. I wanted to know where Sarah lived so, maybe, I could bump into her again, outside of work.

Again" little did I know"

As it turns out, I hardly even recognized Sarah when she did leave the store. She"d disappeared through that door (alone this time), and when she emerged, she had completely changed her appearance. Only the blonde ponytail gave her away. The glasses, I later learned, had been replaced by contact lenses. And her Geek Center garb had been traded for a very sexy pink half sweater, the tightest dark blue, 5-pocket jeans I"d ever seen on a girl, with that same broad belt, and 3-inch spike heels. She also had put on a tad too much make-up so that she looked like" well" a whore. She smiled at her driver and the two of them left the store. Again, none of the geeks looked surprised" which surprised me. Sarah and the guy then left the store through the storage room. I had to race out to my car to find them before they left or I couldn't find them. But luck was with me, and he had parked in the row right across from mine.

As they pulled out, I followed. Was this girl on her way to another job? I was going to find out. As I emerged from the store, it was just getting dark, right about the time when hookers would be hitting the streets.

I still could hardly believe it as I followed this guy's jeep as he drove Sarah up Wellington and then turned east on Dundas, right towards Sex Alley. When he finally pulled over, it was right in front of where three working girls already were standing. Sarah jumped out of the front passenger door and went to join them, waving at her driver as he drove off. Parked about a block away, I watched in amazement as Sarah kidded around with the other girls as they all waited for customers. And then as a car pulled up and Sarah was the one who immediately stepped forward to chat with the guy. This time, I had my digital camera in hand, taken from my glove compartment. I closed in to take a really nice picture of Sarah's ass in those jeans. Again" man they were tight!!! A pang of both jealousy and excitement run through me as I watched Sarah run around to the other side and climb in the car, and pictured her mouth, ass, or both soon being porked by this unknown John.

Sarah returned about twenty minutes later, still smiling. This time, I pulled forward, hoping that Sarah wouldn't recognize me from the store and think I was some stalker creep. Luckily, she didn't, and soon "Madison" (that was the name she used) was kneeling at my feet in a well-lit parking lot a couple of blocks away, her mouth wrapped around and suckling my bone, as her lovely eyes peered up at my face to make sure I approved. As with all they guys I"d seen her suck before, she alternated between using her lips and her throat to work my bone" and man! It felt good! At one point when she had me deep in her throat, I reached down with one hand to fondle the crack of her ass through her jeans. She paused what she was doing, just holding me real forced anal against her will motionless in her throat while I explored her ass with my hand.

When I shot my load, I was pulled back far enough that it all ended up in her mouth. Her lips wrapped softly around me, she continued to slowly slide up and down my length until I was fully soft. It felt weird having my cock bathing in my own sperm, but very, VERY nice. Finally, she slid off, careful not to spill a drop, and then swallowed. And, as before, she took me back inside to drain me, clean me, and finally swallow once more.

"Thanks, Sarah," I said as I helped her to stand.

She looked at me quizzically. "Do I know you?" she asked.

"No," I answered. "Isn't that what you said your name was?"

She looked at me a bit suspiciously, but said nothing more. She was extremely pleasant when I dropped her off though, telling me to come back around again.

I returned to my apartment that night to dream of Sarah" and plan my next move.