My neighbor gets a shock of her life

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My neighbor gets a shock of her life

The story begins in a small house, where this /daughter/">daughter lived with her parents, who can never make out the noises that came out of her room but always were too afraid of going in. The woman that made the noises? Her name is Jennifer, 20, going to college and looking for a steady, decent job that she could just move out and move on with her life. It felt like it was a century and a half spending time with her parents and her family get-togethers. She always thought to herself, "why do i always have to listen to them?" but before she got into a fight with them, she would agree to go. She's always been this way, too naive, too nice and too respectful of other people's feelings.

Let me explain in detail what Jennifer looks like ... She is 5'9, skinny, with middle sized breasts, but good enough for a good sucking with perky pink nipples that seem to stand at attention when she even touched her chest slightly. She always shaved her pussy, that was easily developed back when her mother and herself spent one day deciding that her mom wanted to teach her to shave "down there" as she would describe it. Well, one day, she got curious and started shaving on her own and whenever she would lock the door, her mother would wonder why but figured she just wanted to shave her pussy hair on her own. Back to her description ... She had blonde hair, shoulder length and lips that are aching to be kissed to go along with her blue eyes. She was the desire of many, many guys but she would wonder why she would reject them when they would ask her out.

Month after month of shaving her pussy hair, she accidently got some shaving cream between her legs, but not directly on her pussy, so instead of using a razor, she took her finger and wipes it off, which sent a shiver down her spine. She suddenly felt wet down there and then she got more daring and curious, starting to slowly run her hands down to her pubic area, rubbing it gently.

The only thing she could mouth is "Ohhhh, god, mmmmm!"

She would start rubbing her pussy even faster as her body squirmed and lifted as she rubbed her pussy like if there was no tomorrow and then slid a finger into her pussy, wondering in the back of her mind what was getting into her. At this point, she didn't really care what was getting into her because the only thing she cared about, was taking care of that pussy that she was now fingering.

She mouthed out "FUCK! OH FUCK!"

She couldn't stop, it was like her hand was in control of her entire pussy and cum started oozing out and her body started shivering as she reached an orgasim. Then she realized she would have to go to another one of those family get-togethers she hated so much. She rolled her eyes, rinsing off her pussy as her mother shouted out from outside the bathroom door.

"Are you alright in there?" and she would respond "Yes, just shaving my privates, mom."

Then she got dressed free porn movies download as her whole family went over to her Neighbors house, where there was alot of food, dancing, partying and just flat out talking going on. Jennifer was nowhere in sight as she was inside the house, in her friends room. She was just sitting on the bed, discussing things with her friend. Her friend was 6'1, /brunette/">brunette with long hair to her butt, wearing a long black dress that sparkled everytime you would look at it with /big/big-breasts/">big breasts that any guy would go /crazy/">crazy for. They were both talking about their love life or lack thereof. Her friends name was Sasha ...

Sasha asked "So, how are things going with your family?" and to that Jennifer responded "it stinks, i'm looking for a job but you know how it is, i have to wait for a reply from them, it's not fun at all. How are you and Michael doing?"

Sasha turned, sighing deeply, looking like she was about to cry that instant.

"Not good, not good at all ... I mean, i tried to please him, he even asked me to suck his cock but he still left me. What is wrong with me? Maybe i'm just not a good girlfriend."

Jennifer wrapped her arm around Sasha, comforting her. At that moment, Jennifer felt a sense of power and wanting more than just to comfort her as her nipples started to grow in her dress.

Jennifer said "You will do fine, girl, you just didn't find the right guy, that's all it is. Trust me and you know you can take my word for it because i told you that you would have a boyfriend and betted on it and look at you ... You were sucking his co ... I mean going out with him almost daily at a point."

Jennifer almost lost herself, wanting to know what cock size Michael was but she couldn't tell even the times she saw him. There was a breif instance that she accidently brushed up against him a few times, trying to tell but it wasn't long enough to tell. Sasha got up and smiled.

Sasha said "Look, it's just us girls tonight, so let's just chill out here, get comfortable, slip on our P.J.'s and talk. I'm not in much of a partying mood tonight."

Just what Jennifer was thinking as a small smile grew inside her head, wanting nothing more than to cuddle up next to Sasha ... Or talk, seemed like the same thing to Jennifer at the time, anything that would get Jennifer closer to Sasha was a bonus. Sasha went into the bathroom to change her clothes as Jennifer looked in the closet, searching for some P.J.'s. She took them, taking off her dress, putting on the P.J.'s that her friend owned. Sasha came out, Jennifer noticing her /breasts/huge-breasts/">huge breasts peeking out of her P.J.'s but Sasha looked like she was comfortable in it. They both laid down in bed, talking to one another about their pasts as they went to sleep after awhile.

During midnight, Jennifer woke up, looking around like she heard something but it was just her friend snooring, remembering now why she didn't like to sleep near her but on this night, she felt very horny, so horny in fact that she was willing to throw caution to the side and touch her /friend/best-friend/">best friend right there while she was sleeping. Jennifer slowly moved her hands over Sasha's round breasts as Jennifer almost cummed right then and there.

Jennifer let out a low moan, "ohh, baby, how i wanted to touch these for so long."

Jennifer then started opening the Pajama top, which had buttons on it she can just unbutton and push to the side. Sasha was snooring loud as Jennifer was taking great pleasure of looking at her breasts like a beautiful work of art. She then messaged her breasts, deciding she wanted to be even more daring, sucking on her breasts with her lucious lips, she even nibbled on her nipples for awhile, getting them hard. Then Jennifer looked up at Sasha's face as Sasha quieted down her snooring just a bit as then Jennifer started unbutton her friends P.J. bottoms, opening the first few buttons near her pussy, seeing a nice shaved pussy staring her right in the face.

Jennifer says in a low voice "wow, look at what i've been missing."

Jennifer then pulls off Sasha's P.J. bottoms off gently as then Jennifer herself starts taking off her P.J. top and bottom, leaving nothing but her birthday suit, all in the nude except her socks, which are white. Jennifer starts kissing Sasha's belly button and then starts kissing down to her pussy, which she just rubs with Jennifer's fingers, making it a bit wet first and then starts licking it, sliding her tounge in and out ... There is a bit of movement now as Sasha is beginning to open her eyes, wondering what she is feeling underneath her. She almost jumps to the headboard of the bed with eyes in fear.

Sasha says "What in the world are you doing?! Are you crazy?!"

Jennifer smirks and says ...

"Baby, i've wanted this for such a long time, you know you do to, you can't resist the temptation."

Sasha was about to get off the bed but Jennifer grabbed Sasha by the waist, pushing her back, forcing Sasha to lay on the bed as Sasha tries to fight. Jennifer holds Sasha's hands down to her sides, kissing her, forcing her tongue to snake their Sasha's lips, swirling around. Unconsiously, Sasha touches Jennifer's tounge, which makes Jennifer's sexual desire rise even more. Jennifer starts sucking and kissing Sasha's breasts as Sasha tries pushing Jennifer off but it just isn't working. full hd xvideo download Jennifer is on her breasts like if they were a magnet to her tongue. Jennifer then slides down, sliding her tongue into Sasha's pussy, playing with her clit.

Sasha says "Pl - Please stop, this isn't right! Ohhhh ... No, i mean stop it!"

Jennifer is just ignoring Sasha's plea's to stop, continuing her assault on Sasha's /wet/pussy-wet/dripping-wet-pussy/">dripping wet pussy, giving her the cunt lapping of her life. Sasha's breathing gets heavier as her urge to fight Jennifer is starting to fade away as the pleasures of getting her pussy licked is overcoming what is right at this point.

In a low voice, Sasha tries her protest once more "J - Jenn ... I - I really don't think ... OH god, oh my god! This feels so good, yet so, so wrong. Jennifer, what has gotten into you?!"

Jennifer doesn't care what Sasha says at this point as Jennifer slides her tongue even deeper into Sasha's pussy, making Sasha push her pussy into Jennifer's face, grabbing onto her hair for leverage. Sasha is moaning loud, losing control of /reality/">reality as she is just enjoying her pussy being eaten out. Jennifer is licking Sasha's pussy like if she has been waiting to do this her whole life. Then Jennifer stops as Sasha breathe's heavily, still feeling very horny. Jenn has a devilish smile on her face, having that sexual look on her face.

Jennifer says, "I did you, now you do me."

Jennifer lays back on the bed, not even thinking Sasha might make a dash for it but without even the slightest protest, almost like she is under the control of Jennifer, her tongue finds Jennifer's pussy, returning the favor by licking Jennifer's pussy, swirling her tongue all around Jennifer's pussy.

Jennifer says, "That's a /pussy/good-pussy/">good pussy, lick up every drop of cum in me, baby!"

Sasha licks faster, this time making Jennifer reach a /climax/">climax, bucking her hips as she is about to reach her orgasim. But before Jennifer does, Sasha goes to her drawer, taking out a big metal object, it seems big enough for two people. Jennifer puts her finger in mouth, loving the way Sasha is thinking right now.

Sasha says, "I was thinking of saving this for myself but i just can't help myself."

She turns it on as they both grab an end, pushing it into their pussies. In and out they both slide, moaning as loud and hard as they can. They just don't care who hears them right now at this point.

Jennifer says, "Fuck my pussy, oh yes, fuck it harder!"

They go ramming into the vibrator harder and harder as cum starts coming out and they finally have their orgasim. They both kiss each other, licking up each others cum off the vibrator as Sasha looks at her friend.

Sasha says, "I hate you so much for doing this to me."

Jennifer says, "I can't wait until tomorrow for what kind of object you'll pull out next."

They continue to /kissing/french-kiss/">french kiss as then they lay back, both enjoying what just happened.