Patas revenge

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Patas revenge

Patas revenge : Chapter 1

Pata was waiting for her husband Edward when he got home from work. On a normal day, she would have dinner ready when he walked in the the door.
It was just the expected thing, and they both knew it. Today was a little different though. Not only was dinner not on the table as usual, but it
looked like it wasnt even started. Edward was used to being the strong dominant man, and always got his way. Pata had fallen into the role of the
/submissive/">submissive wife and played the role well. Pata was used to getting a light spanking if Edwards coffee was not hot enough in the morning, or a real
whipping if he was late for work because sex lasted too long in the morning. Any infraction of his rules would get a punishment at the end of the day.

"Where is my dinner" Edward said through clenched teeth.
"We need to sit and talk about a few things before dinner" Pata calmly said.
He turned to her, his face getting darker, and as he pulled his belt from his pants.
"You better get your ass over the couch fast or Im gonna................"

"I know all about you fucking your secretary" The line was said so calm and smooth that Edward was a little stunned.
"If you dont sit down and talk to me about this, I am going to divorce you. You will lose everything in the divorce because I can prove your affair,
and the fact that daddy owns your company means you wont have a job or any chance of one."
"How did you find out?" His voice was shaky, and the belt in his hand forgotten.
Pata walked him over to the table and sat him down, then took the belt and put it in front of her.
"I found out from my secretary, who is best friends with your secretarty. Now the word around my office is that I am not woman enough to keep
my mans attention. That hurts me Eddie."

She knew that he hated to be called by anything else than Edward, and thats why she did it.
"Everyone in both of our offices are aware that you are taking that tramp to bed instead of me. That humiliates me Eddie.
I want to know if you still want to bew married to me or not, because I have serious doubts about it"
Edward could see he was in hot water, but he had no idea how deep it was.

"Of course I want to be married, I love you."
"You have a funny way of showing it to me at times."
"So you love me, and want to keep me as your wife?"
"More than anything in the whole world!!"
"Ed. I went through pain and humiliation knowing what you were doing. How can I ever trust you again."
"Pata, I would do whatever it took to keep you and restore your faith in me again.
"Well. I dont know. How about if we start off with some truth. How many times did you have sex with that woman? Be careful with your answer. Ill
know if you are telling me a lie.

The truth was that Pata only knew of one time that he had taken the other woman to bed, but he didnt know that.
"Twicw a week for the last six months." And his face was red with shame.
"So you fucked her 52 times?" Pata had a hard time keeping a straight face through the shock.
"Yes," was his only reply.
"How would you feel if I fucked another guy 52 times?" She asked, ice creaping into her voice.
Before he could answer, she went on.
"If you really want to keep me as a wife, some things are going to change. Number one, I am in charge of everything from now on. Understood?"
"Yes, " he replied.
Yes what?? She hissed, and slapped him hard across the face.
"Yes Maam, ??" he guessed.
"Wrong again!!, and she slapped him again even harder.
Yes /mistress/">mistress!!
"Thats better. If you want to keep living in this house, and driving your car, and keep your job, you will have to endure pain like I did, undure
humiliation like I did. And I get to have my revenge on top of it all"
"Yes Mistress" He didnt know what else to say.
"The fisrt step is to get you naked. Strip right now!!!"
He got up to go to their room and felt the sting of his own belt across his back.
"Did I tell you to go anywhere? Strip right here, and make it fast!"

In no time he was standing before her naked as the day he was born. She then led him to the center of the room, and told him to look up. In the
ceiling were two big silver hooks. When he looked back at his wife, she had a /leather/leather-sex/">leather sex swing attached to a big piece of rope. She made him get
on his hands and knees as set hooked to swing into the hooks. Her high heels were digging into his back but she didnt care. When she stepped off
of him, she had him climb into the leather seat. The swing was made for bondage rather than just pleasure, and Edward soon found his legs were
forced aabout a foot apart, and his wrists were bound to the ropes.

"The fun is about to start Eddie, my friends should be here any minute for our card game tonight, and she left the room to get ready.
Actually, it was going to be about 30 minutes, but she wanted to see him sweat for awhile.

One by on the guests arrived for the /party/">party. RowBaby was first, and had to cover her mouth to stiffle the giggles she got from seeing Edward all
bound up. Next was Sherry, and she smiled broadly and gave Pata a high five. Tinker and Chrissy showed up at the same time, and both laughed
openly at Eddie. Jaddy was just a few minutes later, and when she was invited in, she smiled a little and gave him a playful smack on the back.
Spirogragh was last and just walked up to him and told him that he was getting what he deserved.

With all the ladies present, they sat down at the table and started playing cards. Pata said that she would be the dealer, and the game would be blackjack.
She looked at the ladies and grinned. "I have a little /surprise/">surprise for everyone" And with that she walked over to her husband and twisted a knob on the
side of the swing, and Eddie started to rotate forward in the swing to where he was looking at the ground. Then as she smiled, she pulled
some leather pannels off of the swing that were held on by velcro. Now Eddies ass was competely exposed for the ladies to see. Pata walked back
to the table of ladies and set a leather paddle on the table. The one who wins each hand wins the right to spank him with this paddle 5 times.

The cards were dealt and RowBaby turned over her cards. "21 my love" And she picked up the paddle and gave him five fast swats on the left cheek,
and then sat down. Sherry won the next three hands and was laughing because she didnt know which of his cheeks were more red. Then Chrissy won a
hand and an grin came over her as she was handed the paddle. Row and Sherry spanked him pretty hard, and made him jump in the swing making it sway a little.
Chrissy held the paddle in both hands like she was swinging a bat, and before she swung, she gave Eddie a big push, making him swing high in the air.
On the swing back down Chrissy brought to paddle across his ass with a loud smacking sound, and Eddie screamed. Chrissy looked at the other ladies
that were laughing wildly. One of the women called her Chrissy MCguire. And all the ladies erupted in laughter again. Four more times, she pushed
him high and blasted him on the return swing. As she let Eddie swing back and forth, his breath coming in gasps, she sat down at the table. Spirograph
was the first to say, "To hell with card, I want to do that. And all the ladies walkied into the living room.

When Eddie was surrounded by the six ladies, Pata surprised them again. She handed out leather paddles to each of them with a stiched number raised at
the flat part of the paddle. Pata again adjusted the swing so Eddie could swing in any direction and swivel around as well. The game is simple ladies,
if he swings near you, paddle him. At the end of the game, the one that has the most numbers on him wins. With that, Pata pushed him towards Jadday,
and she left a clear 5 on the right cheek of his ass. He next swung to Tinker who swung hard and and gave him a 3 on his left hip. Rowbaby landed a
bright red 1 on the inside of his right thigh, and Sherry laughed when she landed a 2 on the bottom of his foot. As the tears started to flow, for
some reason the ladies just laughed xxx and giggled more. Chrissy landed a 4 on his ass, although it was hard to read because it was right on the crack
of his ass. Edddie swung this way and that way, getting peppered with numbers all over his body. Some of the swings hit hard, some were glancing blows
because the lady swinging was laughing so hard. The game went on for almost two hours and the ladies were getting tired and hungry, when the doorbell
rang. A man walked in the door with three huge bags from the Olive Garden.

The plaything called Eddie was forgotten for the moment and all the ladies and the man sat down at the table and devoured the meal. The ladies had worked up quite an appitite from beating Eddie all evening. As the ladies
were sitting around the table, making fun of Eddie and leeting the meal settle, Pata started the count of each number in red on his body. Row had 31 ones,
Sherry had 28 twos, Tinker had 34 threes, Chrissy had 29 fours, Jadday had 33 fives, and Spirograph had 33 sixes. Tinker was the winner. Just as Pata
was about to tell her what she had won, Eddie screamed that he didnt get anything to eat and he was hungry. Sherry jupmed up and said she knew just
what to do and Pata nodded her head in curiosity. She slowly walked over to Eddie and took his cock in her hand, slowly and gently she stroked him until
he was as hard as he had ever been. The slow steady stroking was a welome change to the whipping that he had been getting, but just as he was getting
really close, she stopped and said her hand was too tired to keep going.

Rowbaby smiled and took over the same pace as Sherry set up, and again stopped when he got close. Over and over he was brought to the edge, and over and over they stopped short. Just when he thought he would go mad, Pata gor on her
knees and took him in her mouth. It only took two strokes and he was cumming. Pata was careful to hold her breath when he erupted, she didnt want to
lose any of his seed. When she collected it all in her mouth, she grabbed a handful of Eddies hair and twisted his neck so his face up upturned. Then
as she plugged his nose, she let all of his load drain from her mouth into his. Then she forced his mouth shut and waited until he swallowed before she
let him breath. Maybe if you complain again, you cand have a second helping of "dinner"

The winner of the spanking contest was Tinker. And she wins the right to use this. From the couch, Pata pulled out a huge strap-on dildo. It was about
nine inches long and really thick. Tinker was aglow at the thought of fucking Patas husband in the ass and was getting everything in place when Pata
said "Oh no, I forgot to get lube. Thats okay, come around to the front and fuck his mouth with it to get it nice and wet. She looked back at Eddie and said
that the pain was up to him, if he got it wet enough it wouldnt hurt so /bad/">bad. Tinker smiled and told the girls she always wanted to see him suck cock
and they all started laughing again. She pumped his mouth until his jaw was sore and the cock was nice and wet. The she swivled him around and place the
toy at the entrance to his asshole. She was slowly pushing in when she felt Rowbaby and Sherry behind her, bracing her from behind. Then Chrissy and Jadday
went to his shoulders and pushed as hard as they could. Their effort caused the strap-on to be forced in all at once and Eddie screamed in pain.
Spirogragh took the oppurtunity to stand over him and play with welt on his back and ass as he was getting the fucking of his life.

Then, loud enough for everyone to hear, Pata looked right at him and told him that he had endured pain and humiliation, and now it was time for revenge.
She held Tinker still so the whole toy was inside him, and asked if he remembered James, the boyfriend that she had told him about. The one with the /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock
that maded her cum so hard when ever and where ever it fucked her. Well he is the guy that brought the food tonight, and you get to watch me have fun while
you get nailed. Just then James came into his view and laid on the floor in front of him. His cock was so long and hard that it was only a few feet in front
of his face. And then Pata had her mouth over it, streching her jaw open and pushing her lips wide open. Sure enough, after only one stroke in her mouth,
Eddie could see she was cumming.

She kept taking a little more every time she went down on him, and he kept telling Eddie what a fool he was for cheating, and how glad he was because her mouth felt so good filled with his cock. After a good 15 minutes of sucking as much as she could get, Pata stood
and guided his cock to her drenched pussy. When he was about halfway in, Pata started moaning and panting. And cumming!! She just couldnt stop. The more
he stuffed into her the harder she came. At on point Pata grabbed his head and was panting and screaming her orgasms right in his face. When James finally
came, he shot so hard that Pata almost passed out from the pleasure.

She gazed into Edwars eyes, and very quietly whispered, only 51 more times.